"Mare" 24K Gold Tableware Set

House of Aurum x GINYU are excited to showcase their new limited edition collaboration Mare, featuring a luxurious, engraved tableware set including a 24K golden bowl, chopsticks and chopsticks rest. Golden bowl enhances blessings of bright futures and enduring wealth, while chopsticks in pairs signify reunion and perfection. Inspired by the cascading ripples of water and Japanese seigaiha, the pattern evokes a sense of tranquility, peace and strength; the overlapping, continuous lines like the ocean’s waves arriving at shore - constant though changing, gentle but powerful, calming yet striking. 
"We feel the long pulsation--ebb and flow of endless motion;
The tones of unseen mystery--the vague and vast suggestions of the
briny world..."
- In Cabin'D Ships at Sea, Walt Whitman
*Available for purchase here.